Environmental Health & Safety

Appreciation for the Environment

It is the policy of Momentum to be good stewards of the lands in which our operations are carried out and conduct all operations in an environmentally conscientious manner. We are fully committed to preserving the quality of air, rivers, streams and lands in the communities where we operate. We will strive to protect the wildlife and their habitat. We are dedicated to environmental protection and compliance in all our operations.

Focused on Safety

Momentum builds safety into every aspect of planning, building and operating our assets.

Our culture of safety has been consistently recognized within an industry that emphasizes safety in all aspects of its operations. Momentum has been recognized for five years through Accident Prevention and Safety Awards from the Gas Processors Association, including four “Perfect Record Awards” for having no lost-time accidents over a full year.

Our culture demands a proactive approach towards safety and compliance. We have EH&S professionals on staff, and EH&S inspectors are on-site throughout all phases of a project. Our operations supervisors are actively involved in the safety program, and all operations employees are properly trained and documented under Department of Transportation and its Operational Qualification requirements. Furthermore, we believe that injuries and accidents are preventable through the establishment of and compliance with safe work procedures. All Momentum employees are expected to take an active role in the promotion of workplace safety.

Emergency Contact

800.873.0647 Momentum has personnel on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to respond to any potential incidents.

811 - Know what's below. Call before you dig.

Momentum supports
the national 811 utility
notification program.
Please call before you dig.